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Make Your Dream Come True With Colonial Inn Weddings and Mystical Entertainment DJ Event Planning

Located in Norwood, NJ, The Colonial Inn is a leading weddings destination in Northern New Jersey. Its facilities can accommodate large or small gatherings. It is ideal for Sweet 16 parties, family-oriented Bar Mitzvah celebrations, and high roller Casino Night events. To enliven all of these events, we offer expert DJ services tuned to the response of the guests, our state of the art light, sound, and effects will encourage everyone to join in the fun.

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Mystical Entertainment DJ can arrange your wedding ceremony and host your reception. We make every effort to understand the things you value and reflect them in a day to remember. We want you memories to be full of your favorite wedding day scenes. It is a way of keeping the wonderful feelings of the wedding day alive forever.

We have an ideal solution that will save time and money; let us handle both the wedding planning and the reception. This will leave you free to enjoy your friends and family leading up to your wedding; and to enjoy your special day fully.

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The Colonial Inn can accommodate large groups with spacious ballroom and dining areas. It has a convenient location for local and out of town guests, situated near three major airports and passenger rail services. It is close to the cultural and entertainment destinations in New York City.

The combination of Colonial Inn and Mystical Entertainment DJ will ensure a perfect wedding day. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our courteous and helpful staffs will make guests feel welcomed. Our versatile music and entertainment systems and expert music mixers will keep your guests on the dance floor throughout the event.

When you are ready to plan the wedding of your dreams, Mystical Entertainment will work to make dreams come true. We will make your wedding day memorable.

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