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The Atrium Country Club in West Orange, NJ features elegant facilities for weddings and receptions. Located near Newark and New York City it is accessible for out of town guests by air and passenger rail. Northern Jersey area residents choose the Atrium for rocking Sweet 16 parties, family celebrations such as Bar Mitzvah, and the popular Casino Night events. Famous for its beautiful presentations, first-class cuisine, and catering services, the Atrium can make any event seem special. Our state of the art DJ services add color, and light effects to our carefully tuned playlists. We can keep the dance floors filled throughout the event.

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You must make a substantial effort to plan a wedding and reception. You have a vision of the way the ceremony and celebration should be. It is essential to make everything work smoothly for family and friends who gather to share in your special day. The effort can be overwhelming and can strain emotions and resources. If you work with one wedding company to plan the ceremony, and a second to coordinate the reception, then the demands on time and resources are greater. One effective solution is to turn the tasks over to us. Let Mystical Entertainment DJ plan the wedding and coordinate the reception. This will reduce stress for you and leave more time for friends and family in the days leading up to the wedding.

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A leading destination in Northern Jersey for business and social events of every kind, the Atrium stands out for excellence. The award winning facility features elegant ceremonies and sumptuous reception and dining experiences. They offer customization for ethnic celebrations, including a complete Persian cultural ceremony and reception resource. The level of detail and meticulous attention to all aspects of the ceremony and reception will impress your guests and leave them buzzing about their experiences at the Atrium. For large groups or small intimate gatherings, the Atrium provides exceptional service and a wide range of dining choices. They help make lasting memories of your wedding day for you and your guests.

Mystical Entertainment DJ offers wedding planning and event management services. We will work with you to make dreams of a perfect wedding day into a reality.