Uplighting: The biggest emerging trend in wedding decor!

Uplighting: The biggest emerging trend in wedding decor!

The biggest and most exciting trend in wedding decor,within the past five years, has been ambient uplighting. More and more of my clients have either inquired about us providing ambient uplighting or have taken the availability of uplighting into consideration when booking a catering venue.  In my professional opinion uplighting is the easiest and most inexpensive way of transforming your reception venue into something truly grand. Uplighting is in such high demand that many catering venues are actually installing the amenity themselves so they can cash in on the rush. Ambient uplighting helps create moods and becomes almost an extension of the entertainment itself. From reds and pinks that convey warmth and love during your first dance, to strobing blues and whites that enhance the energy of dance sets, ambient uplighting is becoming a necessity for professional entertainment companies. It is such a simple add on to your entertainment package that it is almost a no brainer. Check out some of Mystical Entertainments uplighting set ups below.  Check out our VIDEO now!!!

Uplighting can add a touch of elegance to your reception venue.










Uplighting can enhance the moods throughout your special night!


Uplighting is an easy and inexpensive way to transform your reception venue!









With all the great things I have said regarding ambient uplighting there are some things to keep in mind when contracting uplighting. Not all uplights are created equal. If the uplights being provided are not LED, STAY AWAY!! Non LED uplighting such as par cans that use gels, or regular colored bulbs, create excessive heat and consume exorbitant amounts of power. Excessive heat can create an uncomfortable environment if placed near guests, have even been known to burn to the touch, and in rare cases start fires. The excess power consumption can create strains and trip circuit breakers compromising more important equipment like the DJ set up or the rooms power altogether.
To sum it up. Ambient uplighting is a great and inexpensive way to enhance your rooms decor and create moods throughout the night. Make sure you ask the right questions and contract the right people to provide this great amenity for your special day. If all else fails just call us and well help you out.


-Michael Marquez

Mystical Entertainment, LLC

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