The Complete Beginner's Guide to Wedding Djs in New Jersey

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Wedding Djs in New Jersey

I bet you before you started your wedding planning that you thought that it’d all be easy right? The quest begins very simply. Google…. wedding in nj or djs in nj. Now here you are with a million different companies in your face, everyone showcasing their best work. How do I know if they’re any good? What do wedding djs in nj cost?

So you begin to ask your friends and everyone has their own opinions but it’s up to you to decide who is the best wedding Dj in New Jersey. So your quest begins. Being that this is your first time you wished you can search an all in one article on how to hire a wedding dj. Search no more…here it is!!!

1) Do they have any reviews?

Make sure to read through everything you can about this company. Websites like Wedding Wire and the Knot are pretty credible resources and try to make it a verified process. Beware, some companies still try to add fake ones!!

2) Well how do I find credible reviews?

Sometimes all it takes is the guts to ask the question. Ask for hand written reviews or even video testimonials of the bride and groom. The better companies try to create vlogs that have the bride and groom right on camera telling their thoughts.

3) Are they insured?

I bet you read this and said, really? YES! Make sure they are fully insured, lots of venues will not accept a dj in their wedding venues unless they are FULLY INSURED.

4) Not only ask if they have the best equipment, but ask if they have backup equipment as well.

Once you start hearing names like JBL, Yorkville, QSC, Shure, Pioneer, Denon and Apple, you can start to breath a sigh of relief. Beware because even the best of equipment tends to fail. See what their plan is and what the usual procedure is in the case of equipment failure.

5) Do you have an office? Can we sit down and talk?

This seems like it doesn’t matter but would you trust a lawyer who doesn’t have an office and asks to meet you at a Starbucks? I know it sounds crazy and there very might be excellent wedding djs that have no office, but let’s be honest, would you want to take a chance on your wedding!?

6) What happens if you get sick?

Is there a backup man just in case? This is why hiring a big company can fall into your favor, because remember that commercial for the lotto? “Hey ya never know”

7) Do you have any videos?

Any credible company should have way more than just one video. It’s easy to showcase your best stuff but try to find a company that tries to showcase EVERYTHING. If a company is on top of their media game, it leaves very little to hide and all to show.

8) How much do you cost? Why are you higher than this other guy?

Ever wonder why Kmart’s prices are much cheaper than Louis Vuitton? Probably not, you just know the quality is better. In service business especially, prices can vary tremendously. When you interview your wedding djs, find out how much experience they have. Everyone can talk a huge game. You’ll know who has the most experience. Ask them about your venue, your photographer, limo companies in the business. Even ask them for suggestions for engagement sessions or ceremony music. Be VERY careful when you shop around for your wedding dj, if it’s the difference of just a couple hundred dollars, just think to yourself, you get one shot at an awesome wedding!!

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