Say “I Do” to These Useful Wedding APPs

Say “I Do” to These Useful Wedding APPs

Wedding Planning is easy when you say “I Do” to these useful APPs

Did you find your dream gown? Is the guest list a problem to organize? Do you need advice on flower arrangements?

 If you thought finding the prefect mate was hard; well, planning that special event can be overwhelming.  There is no end to the amount of details involved. Thankfully, there are many, many apps now that can help make everything easier and less stressful.  Many can even save you not just time, but money! The smartphone revolution with apps gives you everything at your fingertips.

Luckily, the apps listed here are great to get ideas and start planning. Most are free and others are worth the cost if it gives you piece of mind for a perfect wedding!

1. Wedding Countdown

Free app with your wedding countdown days.  This easily accessible app lets you choose the way you want to countdown your days.  You can choose years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, or any combination of it.  You can personalize your countdown with photos or music. After the wedding, this app can be used to track any important dates.

2. Wedding Budget

 This very important free app helps with the task of budget planning. It allows you to keep track of all costs and plan as you go along. If you use it at the beginning of your planning you can have better control and avoid arguments and stress.

3.Wedding Happy

This free app is very user friendly and makes it simple to plan details. You enter your wedding date and the app makes you a to–do list with a dashboard overview for you to see.  It works without a network connection too!  It links with Facebook and twitter and you can use its features to email your list to others. After all, wedding planning is a team effort.

4.Wedding Party

This free app is great! Your guests are able to download the app and share their pictures from your big day.  This is a way to collect more memories and you can see the parts of your wedding that you might’ve missed. What a great way to capture moments that your guests want to share with you. It offers you an invite system to tell your guests to use it and you can even print posters or place cards reminding them to use it.


A wedding cult favorite! Who doesn’t love Pinterest?! This brilliant free app has been around and used by many brides. You can search for dresses, flowers, makeup looks, shoes and see whatever images make an impact on you. Then, you pin it and save it to compare with new ideas.  Invite your bridesmaid to help you.

6. Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot, a HUGE wedding website, has developed this free app for brides still looking for that prefect dress. You enter information of what you are looking for, your vital stats and style as well as your best and worst features and they will show you images of hundreds of dresses. You can search by designer or price as well.

7.Met Office Weather

Why not be prepared for any weather?   This free app informs you of a 5-day forecasts by detecting your location and letting you add 10 other locations in order to cover wherever you need to be.

8. Trip It

The all-important honeymoon planning app lets you have all your plans in one place and creates an eternity. Stored in youth phone, it is a quick and easy way to plan and share your plans with others.

9. Wedding DJ

If you want to organize and keep track of music, this app takes music from your phone.  This app is wonderful. It is free and will keep the songs in order and the music clear and not muddled.  It can be used to plan out the music, and playlists through iTunes. Songs and playlists you have in your iTunes account. Share your music goals with your DJ so they know what kind of night you have planned. Club music, salsa, country and maybe some Cupid Shuffle!

10. MyFitnessPal

Get healthy, get motivated with this free app.  You want to look your best and with MyFitness Pal you can. It helps you count calories and you can set your daily calorie goal, and record your daily food and exercise.  What a great way to stay on track and watch the pounds go away! 

Of course, there are so many more apps to fit your individual needs.  Keep in mind that these apps are developed to make your life easier, so use them to your full advantage before and after your big day!

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