The Pros and Cons of Your Destination Wedding

The Pros and Cons of Your Destination Wedding

The Pros and Cons of Your Destination Wedding

Have you been dreaming about the perfect spot for your incredible wedding? Does a chic city wedding in Paris or a beach paradise ceremony in the Bahamas sound like a fantasy come true?

Destination weddings can be wonderful for any bride and groom. Of course, with this type of decision, there are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to walking down the aisle far away from your hometown.

An amazing destination spot to enjoy

If booking a ticket to this gorgeous place makes you giddy, your wedding day will feel even more special. Who wouldn’t love packing their suitcase for this momentous ceremony that you’ll remember forever?

An intimate setting for your wedding

Chances are, you’ll have a shorter guest list for your destination wedding than if you had one closer to where you live. If you’d rather not deal with an ever-growing list of attendees, a destination wedding will be absolutely perfect for only close friends and family. Some of our fabulous a la carte items are a perfect fit for your intimate ceremony!

Great pictures to look back on

Your background will be picture-perfect in a glorious setting. Whether you’re enjoying fresh air in the countryside or relishing the sunshine by the beach, your photos will capture the essence of the moment along with a beautiful backdrop.

Combine your reception, honeymoon and vacation

Use this perfect spot for everything you want! With a destination wedding, your reception spot can be right after the ceremony in the same area. Start your honeymoon right after the grand event. Your guests might even extend their stay into a much-needed vacation.

Not everyone can make it

A reduced guest list isn’t always a good thing for some brides and grooms. Having a destination wedding means less people who might skip out on your event due to the cost, schedule or family obligations.

Limited availability

There’s no doubt about it: there will be a good deal of planning that will go into your destination wedding. If you’re going to an area that doesn’t speak your native language, it will be even harder to do everything yourself! It will be difficult to have others help out and you’ll have fewer places to choose from.

It can get expensive

Speaking of all the planning, a breathtaking destination wedding can also come with an equally breathtaking price. From high-priced plane tickets to longer stays at hotels, the cost could skyrocket more than you think.

Grandma can’t travel

You might have a handful of friends and family willing to hop on a plane, train or ferry to be wherever you are when you marry the one you love, but not everyone can make it. Older relatives and those with health issues might have trouble traveling.

Take the time to consider every possibility before booking your destination wedding. Think about what’s important to both of you and make a decision you’re happy with. For more information on how to host a successful destination wedding, speak to one of our in house wedding and event planners, today!

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