The Magic Tweet: Blogger Finds Love In The Air & A Modern Fairytale Adventure Ensues

The Magic Tweet: Blogger Finds Love In The Air & A Modern Fairytale Adventure Ensues

It isn’t everyday that you meet your prince charming: someone you hit it off with, who makes you smile and engages you in conversation that leaves you wanting more. So what’s a girl to do when she can’t reach him? Take to the social media universe, of course!

Erin Domesek, the blogger from the hit website, “P.S. I Made This,” didn’t let the lack of digits stop her from contacting her lost love. On the flight from Dallas, Texas to Calgary, Canada, she was seated beside a wonderful stranger who took her by surprise. Throughout their flight they exchanged pleasantries, but not information.

She took to Twitter and asked American Airlines to help a girl out! She requested the assistance of the airline with the phrase, “just got off my flight with my future husband, but didn’t catch his full name.” The company replied saying they hope they meet again, but didn’t offer any other information. They couldn’t give out his name because it would be a breach of privacy. She suggested they contact him instead, but it was no use.

However, they offered to broadcast her messages in hopes of finding him. In 140 characters or less, it was time to go on the ultimate scavenger hunt. Her Twitter followers helped out with the hashtag, #FindClauco, making it a little bit easier to get in touch with this long lost love. Although the social media storm was a smart move, it was one of her friends who actually found him.

American Airlines was more than happy to congratulate them and offered to help pay for the flight to the honeymoon spot if all goes well.

Finding the love of your life in the air would make you feel like you were playing in some sort of scripted romance movie or modern fairytale story. It’s as if the ticket to your destination was your more like your ticket to finding your soul mate before you even landed.

Can you imagine what the wedding would be like? There are so many possibilities. Invitations could be made into paper airplanes. Your engagements photos could show the both of you carrying vintage suitcases. The wedding programs could be constructed into a pretend passport book. Gorgeous maps could be used somehow as reception centerpieces and the place cards for the rehearsal dinner could be set up to look like plane tickets.

Pay attention to the passenger you’re seated with on your next flight. You might just be walking down another long aisle together!

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