Look what Melissa & Nuno said about their wedding with M.E.

Look what Melissa & Nuno said about their wedding with M.E.

We love getting to know our clients and working with them, from Sweet 16s, company parties, and bar/bat mitzvahs but especially weddings. The main reason being that you get to learn how a couple has met, fallen in love and plan to spend the rest of their lives together.

So we decided to reach out to a couple who’s wedding we did a few of months ago on November 26, 2014 and get some answers to the main questions we like to know.



1. How did you meet?

Nuno and I actually officially met in high school. However, we ran in different circles, so we were not friends. It wasn’t until 8 years after we graduated from high school that we had a chance meeting at Joe’s Place in Union. We were both hanging out with mutual friends. Neither of us were looking for a relationship, but it was clear that we had a connection after that night.

2. When did you fall in love?

This is an exceptionally hard question. My next statement may seem overly mushy but it’s the truth- we’ve been in love with each other for the majority of our relationship that we both can’t even recall the exact moment we realized “Oh hey! We love each other”. I think we both fell in love when we realized how good of a tag team duo we make. We are the best of friends that can act as silly as silly can be around each other, but also tackle challenges and work through them.

3. Why did you choose Mystical for your wedding?

We chose Mystical Entertainment because of the amazing reputation they have in the wedding industry and because we knew they would go above and beyond to make our wedding unforgettable and just plain fun!! My husband knew Mystical when he owned his own entertainment business, and Mystical was the only DJ company that blew his mind with regards to how they would get everyone on the dance floor with their music choices and how they really hyped up a crowd. Their work is impeccable and they strive to bring an unimaginably magical atmosphere to your event. I told them specifically that I actually didn’t want people to feel like they were just at another typical wedding, but rather that they were in the midst of the most awesome party they have ever been to. They surpassed all expectations to make this happen- from the music, the lighting, and they interaction with our guests.

4. So, how was working with Mystical?

Working with Mystical was the worst experience of my life. Just kidding! It was great. Every meeting we had felt like we were hanging out with good friends that were pros with the logistics of creating an awesome event. They have solid communication, have so many different package options that fit clients’ needs, and most importantly, they are truly just some great people to be around. Couples work closely with DJs in order to ensure the atmosphere for their reception is just right, so it’s essential to work with people you not only feel comfortable with, but actually have fun with. Mystical fits this description perfectly.

5. One piece of advice for newlyweds?

ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES THE DAY OF THE WEDDING! Be in the moment and definitely don’t sweat the small stuff. Do as much planning from the day of the engagement all the way up to the day before the wedding. However, once the day of the wedding arrives, just go with the flow and let all the pieces fall into place. My wedding took place during a big snow storm and I was 45 minutes late to my ceremony. Was I stressed out about it? No. Simply because I knew nothing could start without me anyway! Expect things to go wrong, but don’t let that impeded on the excitement of what the festivities are really about- two perfectly paired people embarking on a life long partnership with each other.

Melissa & Nuno got our Cosmic Package for their wedding along with a photobooth.
We had a BLAST with this couple and we loved working with them!
To have an awesome party like this couple did, contact us and let’s plan together!!!
Thanks Melissa & Nuno for letting us be part of your special day! And for the sweet words! We’re glad you enjoyed working with us and we hope we can party together again soon!
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