The Guac and Chips Glam Photobooth (Studio Quality Images)

The Guac and Chips Glam Photobooth (Studio Quality Images)

The newest addition to the iPhotobooths family is our Guac and Chips Photo Booth. The Glam Photobooths are THE HOTTEST RENTAL and atop our wedding and event trends list for 2022.

There is literally, no better photo booth rental out there. Providing studio quality images, lightning fast printing, and all the technology to wow your guests, we know this booth will make your event that much better. The booth automatically creates a web gallery (included in our package) for you and your guests to enjoy, in real time!! The booth also offers gif images and boomerangs and there’s always a friendly attendant assisting your guests and making a scrapbook of all your photos. (also included) We offer unlimited prints and 100s of designs to choose from. Take a look here at the different design options. 

Kim Kardashian Glam in Black and White

The best part? Only this specific booth does it! Yes other booths can do the black and white but this photobooth’s proprietary software enables us to add a “GLAM” feature that offers facial smoothing. Yea, this booth is that cool!! 


The Guac and Chips Includes:

–4 hours with unlimited prints
–Backdrop of your choice
–Scrapbook and props
–Online Gallery
–Zip folder of all digital images
–Customizable Glam features with facial smoothing, eye and face shape structuring 
–Custom Design



Does the Guac and Chips Photobooth come with props?
It comes with LOTS of fun props!

Will there be an attendant?
Absolutely!! Our friendly attendant will assist your guests and help them sign your scrapbook (included). 

Are the strips custom?
The photo strips are 2×6 (4×6 upgrade available) and you can pick any of our amazing layouts HERE. 

Can I choose backdrop?
Absolutely, we have a wide variety to choose from you can design a custom (additional fee) one or pick from our standard backdrops.

Can we do only black and white Glam Kardashian Style photos?

For sure, some guests like the option and others want strictly black and white, either way, this booth has the facial smoothing features that will make your guests look like models!! 



The Guac and Chips Glam Photobooth Rental

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