How to select the right NJ Photobooth company.

How to select the right NJ Photobooth company.

Over the past 5 years photo booths seem to have become almost a necessity for any event. So many different models have come out on the market place. From different shapes and sizes to fancy touch screens and Facebook uploads, how the heck do you decide which one is for you!?! Ultimately, pricing becomes the deciding indicator for which route to take. Rightfully so, pricing should definitely be a factor, but not the reason to book it. Below are the proper steps to consider when you’re booking a photo booth in New Jersey.

First things first, figure out where you want to place the photo booth. Find out the details from the venue. What is your table lay out? What if you have more guests than you anticipated and you need to add a table or two? Is there power in the area of where you want the photobooth?

Ok, so now we know exactly where we want to place the photobooth so it’s time for the more finite details. What size is the photobooth? How many guests will it fit? Would you prefer an authentic photobooth or one with a curtain around it so more guests can fit? Some planners envision the boardwalk style photobooths while others love the size of the pipe and drape styled ones. Now hear are some things to consider;

While it is cool to be able to fit 10 people in a photobooth, it still only prints out 2 strips. I mean that’s great and all but what are the odds of one of the guests running out, copying the photo and sending them to everyone?? Now factor in the scrapbook and that leaves you with one strip. So now you think to yourself, “But the attendant can just print out more.” That is great and all but think of the line that this forms. You now have 20 people waiting in line to take pictures. Sometimes the simpler route may be best.That leads me to my next point…

The next thing to consider is the speed of the printer. Lots of companies claim to offer an “unlimited” package. Unlimited!?! Sign me up!! You have to think to yourself, how long will it take and will all of my guests get a chance in the photobooth? Your best bet is to try it out for yourself.

Finally, check and see if you will be getting the actual digital files so you can maybe put them on your Facebook page or print out a bunch for yourself. Some companies give you a flash drive at the end of the night while others mail out a DVD. I would definitely want the photos, so make sure that you are getting them.

The moral of the story is to make sure to plan your photobooth booking. There are a ton of companies out there and a great rule of thumb would be to go with the pricing that is right smack in the middle. There are going to be cheaper prices out there as well as higher ones, but as long as everything falls into your plan, you’ll be fine.


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