How to select the right music for your wedding

How to select the right music for your wedding

When it comes to planning the music at your wedding, you’ll find so many different factors that affect everything, including trying to make everyone happy. Here is a Q+A that will make your life easy. This was an interview that the had us answer. Hope you enjoy!!

1) Some couples have difficulty conveying the sort of music they want. What are some ways that couples can explain what they’re looking for?

I try to get my clients comfortable and have them re-visit their favorite music through experiences. Its summer time and you’re driving down the shore with friends, what’s playing on the radio? Flashback to high school dances, big football games. I have them remember the happiest moments in recent memory and then set the soundtrack, like it’s their own mini movie.

2) Do you have any advice for couples who are trying to come up with music that’s a little more inspired?

Movies have always provided great inspiration especially when it comes to music. I love score music such as “Now we are free” from the Gladiator Soundtrack or even Enya’s “Only Time” featured on the movie Sweet November. We try to customize as many different aspects of a wedding to ensure that it is completely unique. We also try to recall favorite memories, first dance with her father, youth sports team theme song, or even a song that constantly played at a family vacation and all you can remember is screaming all the words together as a family. Usually when you can relate music with great memories or good emotions you have a winning combination.

3) In your experience, what are some of the worst mistakes a couple can make when planning out their wedding music? On the flip side, what are some of the best guidelines or decisions a couple can follow?

In my opinion people tend to worry too much about what others think or try to please too many people when it comes to choosing and or omitting music from their wedding. It is YOUR special day. Think of yourself and the things that would make you happy, rather than worry about pleasing others. Don’t think of your friend’s wedding music selection. Try not to be too traditional and think outside the box. Butterfly Kisses for daddy daughter dances, How Sweet It Is for the cake cutting…been there done that a thousand times. Think outside the box, look at current artists or simply choose music that speaks to you and your fiancee. What was playing the first time you met? Who cares if its an obscure 80’s song it means something to you and thats all that matters. Some good guidelines to follow;

—-Have I heard this at another wedding?

—-Are there too many songs? Too few?

—-Have a list of must play, try to play and a do not play list

—-Download the Soundhound or Shazam app to help you with the names of songs.

—-Pay attention to music on long car rides or even rides to work

4) Do you have any tips for couples who are trying to stick to a budget?

As far as an overall budget, there are tons of apps that help simplify the wedding planning process today. From my research, my favorite is the iWedding Planner app. I like to live life in the power of three. Always interview with at least 3 different companies and then sit back and review everything in a pro/con list. I find value in meeting your actual MC. Make sure your DJ/Emcee is top notch, professional, and personable. Make sure the music is going to sound good, the equipment is reliable and effective. Spend on the bare essentials first and then worry about the add ons. Yes the custom monogram looks good but do you have a DJ and an MC or a one man DJ/MC combo. In my opinion I would spend the money on the extra man which will ensure a smoother, more professional party rather then on a minute detail which can be easily forgotten. Last but not least, do not feed into pressure salesmen. This tactic forces you to think irrationally and most times, make the wrong decision.

5) Do you have any favorite non-traditional songs for traditional parts of the wedding (e.g. processional, ring exchange, dinner, first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, last dance)?

Each year we receive a list of songs that fit into specific dances for weddings. We have a login feature on our website that gives our couples access to these lists to help simplify the search. Youtube has also been a tremendous avenue for our couples to find music they would have never thought of. Artists such as T. Carter (Daddy’s Angel) and even Dj Keo(All to you) have created songs for parent dances that have grown very popular.

For ceremony we’ve used songs such as the instrumental version of Bittersweet Symphony,Feel So Close-Calvin Harris, Enya-Only Time or even a string quartet instrumental version to Guns n Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine. Jason Mraz’- I won’t give up has been a HUGE recessional as of recent. These songs are fresh and different.

Typically, your standards for dinner would be along the lines of Sinatra and Michael Buble, however, Indie music has grown in popularity. To change it up, I’d suggest artists such as Ray Lamontagne,  Joshua Radin, Coldplay or even the Cure and 311.

First dance songs to me really should define a moment in a couple’s lives. Again, I love to reflect back to movie soundtracks or moments in time. We’ve used songs such as This Year’s Love by David Gray (The Girl Next Door) or even Into the Mystic by Van Morrison (American Wedding).

Cake Cutting I suggest should be either a funny moment or a song you were on the fence about using for first dance. Along the movie soundtrack theme, I wanna grow old with you by Adam Sandler has been popular. Different “outside the box” music has been, Jason Mraz-I won’t give up or Lucky, and even I do by Colbie Caillat.  Standards include, Love and Marriage-Sinatra and How sweet it is by Temptations.

Last dance is always fun and one of our popular suggestions has been Time of my life from Dirty dancing, remixed into Black Eyed Peas “Dirty Bit”

6) In general, what are some of your favorite songs to play that people might not necessarily be expecting to hear? When do you recommend playing them (e.g. at the end of the night, after all the kids have gone to bed)?

Who do they appeal to (e.g. couples, singles, music snobs, the ladies, the men)?

A general rule of thumb is to get into the “crazier” party music during the latter half of a wedding. I ask my clients where they usually go out and can get a general idea of what music they are into, and also what style of mixing they’re used to hearing. Some of our clients might be more simple and appreciate smooth transitions from song to song or genre to genre while others appreciate creativity. We are all music “junkies” and love everything from old school hip hop to house music or even bar type music like Jack and Diane or Sweet Caroline. We try to appeal to the majority of the crowd while keeping the bride and grooms tastes in mind.

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