[story_box image=”15337″ title=”Photo Booth” link=”#”]You’re busy making memories the whole night on the dance floor, but you want to take a piece of the night with you…that’s where our photo booth comes into play! Personalized design for your event, unlimited prints, fun props and a professional attendant ensure a good time for all.[/story_box][story_box image=”15738″ title=”Flipbook Photo Booth”][/story_box][story_box image=”15338″ title=”GIF Booth” link=”#”]Our GIF Booth shoots 4 images and creates an animated GIF that can be shared on social networks directly from the booth! Each GIF is printed in our 4 frame window format and can include customization.[/story_box][story_box image=”15172″ title=”Casino”]Bring the high-energy and fast-paced fun from Atlantic City and Vegas to your corporate event! A Casino themed event or just adding some tables will guarantee a good time by all. Including real dealers and the option of ‘Funny Money’ which can be custom designed to match your theme, logo or event name.[/story_box][story_box title=”Hora Loca”]Ready to get crazy?! As featured in the NY Times, Mystical Entertainment Group is proud to be the #1 provider of the Hora Loca. Take your event to the next level. It’s a party within the party. Your guests will be talking about it for years to come we promise. Stilt walkers, percussionists, break dancers, you name it, we will custom design an Hora Loca for your special event. Call our office today to learn more.Book an Hora Loca in NJ, NYC or CT today!![/story_box]
[story_box title=”Green Screen Photo Booth”]Our Green Screen booth, which allows you to digitally insert any background image into your photo booth picture! Hawaiian beach, New York City skyline, a scene from outer space, all these are possible with the new Green Screen booth! We want to offer our customers something different than your standard, “run of the mill”, photo booth experience.[/story_box][story_box title=”Living Table”]Living Tables are a magical yet functional way to present food, drinks, place cards, or party favors. The tables will entertain, create an exciting buzz and meet and greet your guests.[/story_box][story_box title=”Dj”]What’s a party without a DJ? It’s more than playing music or making the occasional announcement, it’s about the feeling the DJ gives the guests. Whether your crowd is more about the classics, the new hits or anything in between! Leave it to the professionals to ensure a good time for all.[/story_box][story_box title=”Minute To Win It Games”]Looking for that something extra at your event? Go beyond a great DJ and photo booth. Bring out the fun competition and make long-lasting memories with your co-workers.[/story_box]
[story_box title=”Live Musicians”]Live music adds an atmosphere to any gathering, and has the capability of turning any party into an event that will be remembered long after the music stops. How many office parties you’ve been to where there was nothing special going on other than the same co-workers: everyone puts in an appearance, socializes for a while, then goes home. It’s time to change that![/story_box][story_box title=”Bands”]The feeling a live band gives to an event is similar to a private concert, and everyone enjoys a good concert! Hearing hit songs being played live takes your event from dull to unforgettable![/story_box][story_box title=”A/U – Projectors etc.”][/story_box][story_box title=”Lounge Furniture”]Among the hottest trends in event planning, lounge furniture rentals have become a mainstay in creating the right ambiance for your special event. Gone are the days of seating at 60″ round tables with 10 chairs and black linens. Say hello to white acrylic LED tables and white leather lounge furniture. Achieve the right vibe for your amazing event and give your guests the feeling of royalty at your upscale event. All brand new furniture, M.E.’s inventory will be sure not to disappoint.[/story_box][story_box title=”Illusionist/Mentalist”]Mind-blowing and jaw-dropping tricks that will amaze your guests. Packed with thrilling and sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions. Bring your event to the next level![/story_box]