Why Hire an Event Planner

Why Hire an Event Planner

Why Hire an Event Planner

Let’s be real here, planning a wedding is extremely hard and there is no chance that you

can complete everything on your own. So why not hire an expert who CAN complete

everything and help you!  Instead of worrying about how you’re going to do this on top of

your full time job, professional help is the best way to go.  It will bring you input and tips

on how to save money, be organized, stay stress free, and know if you ended up

missing something important that could make or break your event.  They also have

connections and skills to communicate with vendors and know which ones are best.

 Also, nobody wants that feeling that they messed up on something or forgot to tell the

caterer about how you wanted a cake, but forgot because it was the last thing on your


1. A planner can help coordinate your entire day

Their job is to make your special day exactly as you wish for it to be. They have

been doing this for quite some time so they know exactly how to assist you. Finding the

right venue is one part of the process that may or may not be as difficult, especially if

you already have one specific place in mind, but all the other details can help be

assisted with an event planner.  There are so many specific parts to planning an event,

especially a wedding and missing one little thing can make you upset or feeling a way

where you had wished you could have fixed it when it’s too late.  This is why a planner

understands and knows every aspect of an event and will thoroughly plan/check off what

is done and what is needed.

2. They will keep things stress free

Planning a huge party can be a stressful task especially if you lack prior

experience in planning an event. This is typically the case if you are looking to invite a

large amount of people and having to look into a number of areas to ensure that your

party progresses smoothly. With hiring an event planner, we can lighten the burden and

anxiety of all the major and minor details when planning for your party.  Knowing that an

expert is helping you to plan and make sure everything gets done early and efficiently, it

will make you feel 10 times better about the situation and it will result with more free time

and less stressin.

3. They have the connects with vendors

Not only are they good at getting in contact with different vendors from all over,

but they are also pros at negotiating. Most people assume that hiring an event planner

will add another bill to their wedding budget when in reality, it will help with money.  With

negotiating skills, they can get to a mutual contract with you and the vendor. As for

discounts, sometimes they don’t appear on paper so for example, if you don’t like what

the vendor has given you, event planners can implement their skills to get you exactly

what you what without an extra charge from the vendor. Vendors aim to please the event

planner because they are the ones that keep business coming back to them.

4. Organization

Not saying that you can’t be organized with planning on your own, but this is

what an event planner is hired to do.  They have the time to organize each specific piece

that is planned and every detail of the event to a tee.  They will know what it missing and

what could be tweaked when putting everything together.  They will also let you be as

involved and uninvolved as you would like to be, which means that if there is a specific

part of planning that drives you up the wall, your event planner will be flexible and take

control of that aspect so that you do not feel overwhelmed.

5. They will know what to NOT do

If you are not an expert, you might think that you know all the tricks to what you

should plan, but even the little things can slip through the cracks.  An event planner will

know if you are spending too much money and overpaying for a service that could be

less costly.  In that case, the planner will tell you that is what NOT to choose and will

lead you to a different service that is exactly the same as what you wanted, but better.

 This will also be helpful with choosing the vendor, party favors, caterer, invitations, DJ,

and every single piece added to this event will be done the right way.  If it has bad

reviews and people have not suggested it, the planner will tell you so that you can

rethink about what/where you want to invest your money in.  

6. Corresponding with the theme

If you aren’t sure what designs and special details to have at your wedding to go

with the theme, an expert will direct you and give you ideas as to what will relate to the

theme and what does not match up.  For example, if you are having a luau themed

party, having winter colors of different shades of white blue and grey, would not relate to

the theme.  They will be honest with you, and tell you what to change to make everything

look the best that it can.  Seeing something during your event that does not correspond

to the theme will look funky and your guests will notice, so to make sure that this

problem does not arise, a party planner will know exactly what will go along with your



When choosing an event planner, make sure that they actually know what they are

talking about and that they have experience from planning previous weddings before.

 You do not want to hire someone and then realize that they only helped with a small

wedding knowing that yours is huge.  Or if they never have helped out with a Winter

themed wedding and that is the theme of yours! In this case, they won’t know exactly

what to do and you can try to find someone who does have this experience.

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