Fun Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Event

Fun Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Event

Check out these fun ways to entertain kids at your event, whether it’s focused around them or not.

Take a look at how they can have just at much fun as the adults!


Have a “kids’ table” and stock it with crayons… lots of crayons.1

Speaking of the kids’ table, forgo the fancy tablecloth and put down butcher paper instead.2

Kid-friendly, wedding-themed placemats work well too.3

Put a centerpiece on the kids’ table that can be played with later.4

Give kids this wedding-themed activity booklet.6

Gift each kid a pocket-sized Etch-A-Sketch.7

Set up a “kids only!” tent.8

Hang a piñata and let kids — and the bride! — get in a few swings.10

Set up a video game station.11

For an outdoor wedding, cornhole toss is a blast.12

“Wedding” ring toss is fun, too.13

Set up a bubble station.14

Give kids disposable cameras and enlist them to play “I Spy.”15

A photo booth = kids making funny faces for hours.16

Have a ball pit.17

Schedule a “kids only” time on the dance floor.18

Stock one table with classic board games.20

Let loose in a bounce house.pic

Let kids get creative with these Mad Libs-style story cards.23

Have an “open bar” for the kids.24

Let kids go “glow” crazy.25

Make sure the appetizer hour is kid-friendly.26

Give kids a kid-friendly drink for the toasts.27

Let us know if you’ll be doing any of these awesome things at your event! We love getting kids involved at any party because their energy is always non-stop!

If you ever need more inspiration for other parts of your party, take a look here!

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