Favorite Wedding Moments From Grooms

Favorite Wedding Moments From Grooms

Attention can be focused on one person more than the other when it comes time for the nuptials. Especially if there’s a bride involved. So we want to spread the love specifically to the dapper fellows! P.S. Get ready to say ‘Awww’ a lot bride down the aisle

“My absolute favorite moment of our entire wedding was watching my beautiful bride walk down the aisle. She was so incredibly beautiful, and it was in that very moment that it finally all sunk in . . . today is the day.” – Drew & Kady

groom aisle

“My favorite memory from our wedding is, and always will be, the first time I saw my wife being led down the aisle in her wedding dress. Without the ‘advanced screening’ of a first look, I truly had no idea what to expect, and it legitimately took my breath away when I saw her (I’ve told all grooms since to take a deep breath before it all starts). That moment and feeling are something I will always remember.”  Joey & Catherine

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“It was important to Jaimie and I that we have our two Huskies included in the wedding festivities. We got the dogs together at the beginning of our relationship and they have been there for all the ups and downs, so we couldn’t imagine not having them there to celebrate the best day of our lives. It made the wedding extra special to be able to have our furry best friends there.” – Aaron & Jaimie

Hawaii wedding

“My favorite moment came after the ceremony itself – after the I dos. Once the stress and anxiety of the ceremony was over, we could just enjoy ourselves for t rest of the evening with our closest friends and family. The trick was to find time to steal my now-wife away from everyone and savor the calmness and relief that comes with completing something that took us a year to plan. We fed each other Ululani’s (the best Hawaiian shave ice in the world), played ping pong on the grass, and watched Polynesian fire dancers under the stars. It was truly a night to remember.” – Neil & Evelyn

down the aisle

“Walking back down the aisle post-ceremony with all our friends and family there, hanging out with the groomsmen with some bourbon before the mayhem, crowd surfing, and Grotto Pizza to end the night.” – Eric & Despina

first dance

“It would probably be the band covering Naive Melody. I’d been listening to Talking Heads a lot around the time we started dating, and the ‘feet on the ground, head in the sky’ line really captures feeling of realizing you’ve met someone special. – Dan & Ashley

bride and groom

“The best two moments, however, came in quick succession. The first was the overwhelming anticipation of knowing Kate was just out of sight as I waited for her at the front of the aisle, and the second (but first best) was finally getting to see her. It was an incredible mix of emotions, as anyone who saw me cry like a tiny baby can attest, and the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.” – Matt & Katelyn

bride kissing groom

“Kissing the bride! She snuck in a kiss as soon as she got to the altar, and then of course ‘THE Kiss’ to seal the deal.” – David & Jessica

singing groom

“My favorite moment of the day was when Kyle surprised me with a song with his acapella group, The Hullabahoos. Kyle is an amazing singer and I always tease him for not singing nearly enough. I consider myself lucky when I can hear one of his ‘in the shower’ concerts from the living room, so when he started singing ‘I’ll Be’ by Edwin McCain in front of all of ours guests I knew he was singing to directly to me, for me.” – Kaylan & Kyle

Weddings are absolutely the big day that changes all lives involved. But with all that goes on and the attention that one person may get from someone else, it’s nice to hear from the party on how they feel and their favorite part of the party. https://saladsup.com/

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