DJ Music Is Important, But It Isn’t The Only Thing

DJ Music Is Important, But It Isn’t The Only Thing

The term disc jockey originated in 1909 when Ray Newby, of Stockton, California began playing records over his small wireless transmitter.  The modern DJ music is a far cry from that time to be sure.  Modern top DJ music is technologically advanced and often a mix of various tracks.  Today’s DJs are also excellent entertainers, using humor and their DJ music list to wow crowds both large and small.  There are 4 distinct types of DJs:

1.      Event DJs – For wedding DJ music these are the guys you turn to.  Not only will they play your favorite songs, they will also work as an emcee of sorts, perhaps moderating games, encouraging guests to dance and announcing the event and activities as necessary.  Needless to say, in many cases the success or failure of a wedding reception or party rest squarely on their shoulders.

2.      Club DJs – Possibly the most well known of the modern day DJ is the club DJ who puts together DJ mixes at clubs, discos, bars and raves in cities around the world.  Many of the top club DJs are highly sought after for their hip hop DJ music and skill at creating beats and mixes.  Like the event DJ, they are responsible for keeping the crowd involved and out on the dance floor.

3.      Radio DJs – The original DJ is still doing well at radio stations around the world, providing a mixture of DJ songs, interviews, news, witty banter, contests and interactive on air shows.  Like event DJs they need to be able to think quickly and must have dynamic personalities that enable them to engage their audience.

4.      KJs or Karaoke Jockeys – Not technically a disc jockey, since they don’t “spin records”, these KJs are responsible for keeping the flow going in karaoke bars.  They have huge collections of popular songs from all genres and can event grab the mic and belt out a song or two themselves when the occasion calls for it.

While you might never have the need for a DJ other than an event DJ for a party or wedding reception, all 4 types of DJs are available for hire.  Many of the DJs are represented by agencies, however event DJs are most likely to run their own promotion, marketing and advertising.  Rest assured that when you need some DJ tunes for a wedding or party, an event DJ will be able to satisfy you and your guests.  If you are in the market for an event DJ, give us a call today and we will quote you the best price for the best entertainment.

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