Ditch The Bridal Party

Ditch The Bridal Party

Reasons to Ditch The Bridal Party

When thinking about weddings maybe one of the oldest traditions is having a bridal
party. Having a bridal party may be nice for photos and could definitely leave stress
off the bride and groom however, there are many disadvantages when including
one. Even though your friends would be more than honored to stand next to you as
you get married it can certainly add a lot stress that can create problems. If having a
bridal party is not your style don’t worry, there are so many good reasons to not
include one. We have complied a list of advantages when not having a bridal party.

A Few Advantages When Not Including A Bridal Party:

1. You don’t have to pick and choose

When thinking of who to choose for your bridal party can be one stressful process.
It is especially hard when you have so many close friends that it becomes a difficult
decision to choose just a few of them to stand next to you while vows are being
exchanged. It may be hard to even pick that one person to be your Maid of Honor.
Not having a bridal party will avoid this problem and all your friends will feel
equally important to you by not picking any favorites.

2. No drama, No Problem!

When choosing a bridal party it can spice up a lot of unnecessary drama that can be
avoided. It’s your wedding so dealing with friend’s drama is definetley something no
one wants to deal with. Picking certain people to stand next to you can make other
friends feel alienated and out of place. Going over wedding planning details with a
bridal party can certainly bring up arguments when faced with differences in
opinions. The bridal party may not even be helping but could be making things
potentially worse. So essentially by not having a bridal party you can avoid the
drama and you will have more fun with all those closest to you. Everyone will
definetely feel more included as well.

3. It’s a money saver

Having a bridal party can become pretty pricey for friends and for you. The bridal
party will have to put some cash towards the shower, the bachelorette party, and
those matching bridesmaid’s dresses may cost a fortune. It is especially hard when
everyone has to find one dress that is a reasonable price that everyone can afford. It
can be costly for the brides as well since bridesmaids will have to be provided with
bridal party gifts, bouquets, and hotel room accommodations if it is a destination
wedding, or even transportation. When not having a bridal party will save a lot cash
in your pocket in the long run. You can use this cash elsewhere like the honeymoon
or any other entertainment essentials that may be needed to make that party
reception more specular than ever for all guests to enjoy.

4. Get ready in peace

With many bridal parties, during the morning of the wedding the typical tradition is
to have all your bridesmaids to assist you in getting ready. This can be helpful but
can also be very overwhelming with having them getting ready in the same space as
you. The room where you and your girls are getting ready can certainly get packed.
Your bridesmaids might get in your way or give different opinions on how your hair
or makeup should look which can be bothersome to some. Instead you can have
your own space to move around or you can even just get ready with one other
person of your choice that way you won’t feel like the anxiety of everyone packed in
one room. If you like getting ready alone or just in peace with your fiancé not
including a bridal party just might be the right choice for you.

5. Your friends will have more fun

When being part of the bridal party can put a lot stress on the bridesmaids to
preform certain duties. The Maid of Honor especially may feel a lot of
responsibilities to make the wedding a success for the happy couple to be. Instead of
having your friends run around with a big to do-list just let them have a blast
partying with you. Their presence at your wedding is all you really need to feel
loved and both sides will have a better time throughout the whole day. You wouldn’t
want your friends to feel stressed or a lot of pressure and you want them to
remember what a good time they had at your wedding.

6. Avoid the stress of speeches

The old wedding tradition is that the Best Man and the Maid of Honor must give a
speech to the newlyweds to wish them the best on their marriage. Not everyone is
good at public speaking and many might get really nervous when having to get up in
front of everyone to make a speech. By not having a bridal party or a Maid of Honor
will allow others to make a speech who are more comfortable talking in front of a
big crowd. This way no one will feel obligated and the microphone will be free for
anyone who wants to wish the best for the new married couple.

7. It’s all about ME!

It’s your wedding and is one day that is dedicated to the love between you and your
soul mate. Including a bridal party may draw attention away from the new couple by
creating a focal point on others. Those who choose not to have a bridal party will
avoid this issue and therefore, all guests will focus their attention mainly on you and
your partner during the whole day. The bride and her girls may also draw the
attention away from the groom as well. The wedding day should be all about
yourselves and your marriage only. All eyes will be only on you two as a couple and
at the same time none of your guests will feel excluded.

These are a few advantages when not including a bridal party for weddings. Yes,
certainly there are many advantages to having a bridal party but your friends can
still help you without having the title of the Maid of Honor or bridesmaids. There are
many other options to bridesmaid’s responsibilities such as hiring a wedding
planner or hiring an entertainment company to do everything for you. At Mystical
Entertainment we would be more than happy to assist you with any of your
planning needs so that way all your friends and family will have a good time at your
reception without having to lift a finger. If no bridal party is part of the wedding,
there is nothing to worry about your friends will still be there for anything you need,
for moral support, and most importantly will be there to celebrate this one day that
you will surely never forget.

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