Design your own Custom Neon Sign

Custom Neon Signs 

When Mystical Entertainment Group built their headquarters in Verona in 2018, we knew that neon signs would be the trend. This is where the slogan, Come Party with M.E. came about and we had a neon sign made and hung it on our 20′ grass wall. Back then it cost us close to $2000 so we thought it’d take some time for that to come down. 

Today, we’ve partnered with an amazing manufacturer located here in the United States. The great news is we’ve built a website where you can easily design and build your very own custom neon.

Click this link to design away!! 

As we’ve done with our packages and the overwhelming amounts of a la carte items we have in-house, we offer a $50 discount when you bundle it with your contract for services with Mystical Entertainment Group.