Consider These Things When You Hire A DJ

Consider These Things When You Hire A DJ

There are many aspects that go into planning a wedding or party, but one of your more critical decisions comes when you have to hire a DJ.  Naturally you want to consider the question of how much does it cost to hire a DJ, but this shouldn’t be your primary thought.  The right DJ can make your party or wedding and the wrong one…well I’m sure you’ve been at an event where they used cost as the deciding factor.

Here you will find tips and hints to consider when you hire a DJ for a party.  Following these tips will get you a DJ who is professional and highly entertaining for your guests, which is the whole reason to rent a DJ in the first place isn’t it?

One of the first things you should ask for is a list of references.  Any good DJ will be happy to provide you with a list of past clients whom you can contact to find out about the DJs skills.  If the DJ is reluctant to provide you with any references you should be leery of their reasons.  The references should be fairly recent clients and should give you an overview of a variety of party types and venues.  Written testimonials are unacceptable when you hire a DJ for a wedding or any other event since anyone can write false testimonials.

You should also have the opportunity to see the DJ in action.  Whether that means showing videos from past events or a live audition, you will definitely want to see what they can do.  Video can be especially helpful here as it will also show you how experienced and skilled the DJ is in reading the crowd and working them for the best entertainment effect.

During the audition you can also verify that the DJ has good quality equipment that will be appropriate for your event.  It can also be helpful to determine if the DJ has backup options available in case of any equipment malfunction.

Whether you are going to hire a DJ for a birthday party or any other event, you should have control over the selection and style of music that will be played.  You should also expect a written contract that clearly states what will and will not be provided.

Remember that when you hire a DJ cost is not always the most important consideration.  However, by contacting us you will find that we are not just experienced, professional, and entertaining, but also affordable.  Contact us for a free quote today.

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