Ceremony on site: A new trend in modern day weddings.

Ceremony on site: A new trend in modern day weddings.

Where are you getting married? No. Not the reception. Where is the actual ceremony taking place? If you said a beautiful church or cathedral, chances are you are part of a growing minority of brides who still honor that tradition. Many brides are taking advantage of the time and money saving practice of getting married at their catering venue.

No, it is not for everyone. There are still plenty of people who will not give up the tradition of getting married in a religious institution.


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But for some, getting married at their catering venue is a simple solution. Many times the cost of a ceremony at a catering hall is a fraction of the donation many churches require. This alone is reason enough for some couples. There is also the added benefit of time. Having the ceremony on site affords you the luxury of not having to travel from one location to the other, saving time and transportation costs. Once the ceremony is over, your guests can move right along to the cocktail hour and then to the reception, without having to organize travel.


You can also save some money on invitations. There will be less wording and space to be used and you do not have to worry about including the added set if directions to the church. Another reason brides prefer the ceremony on site, is the fact that it almost guarantees that all of your guests will attend the ceremony, instead of simply going to the reception.


Here is a lovely example of an outdoor wedding set up at the beautiful Oheka Castle.


oheka-edited-resizePhoto Credit: Oheka Castle

And here we see a beautiful indoor ceremony set up at The Grove in Cedar Grove, NJ.


There are many reasons people choose to have their wedding ceremony, on site, at the catering venue. Not sure if that is the right choice for you? Speak to a Mystical Entertainment event specialist, today! Many of our great wedding packages can include a ceremony sound system for your special day!

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