The Bridal Expo Special….Will you Marry M.E.?

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Make your wedding memorable

Experience is essential when choosing the right entertainment for your wedding. You need the right people who care about your vision and taste in music! Our entertainers will ensure that your wedding day is a unique and amazing experience for you and your future spouse. With over 20 years of entertainment experience, we understand that you may want an MC to be low key so the music does the talking. On the other hand, you may want a high-energy crew to bring the party to the next level. Whatever your vision is, taking the time to connect with your entertainer is key to making the biggest night of your life, the best one ever! Come party with M.E.

The All New Mirror Booth Experience 

Looking for something different at your next event? Tired of the “same old” photobooth? that’s where our mirror booth comes into play! Be a star, walk up to the red carpet, touch the 50″ screen and have fun taking amazing pics with your family and friends. 

Hora Loca

Ready to get crazy?! As featured in the NY Times, Mystical Entertainment Group is proud to be the #1 provider of the Hora Loca. Take your event to the next level. It’s a party within the party. Your guests will be talking about it for years to come we promise. Stilt walkers, percussionists, break dancers, you name it, we will custom design an Hora Loca for your special event. Call our office today to learn more.Book an Hora Loca in NJ, NYC or CT today!!

Electric Hip Hop Violinists

An electric violinist is one of the most profound and unique acts out there today! See our world famous electric violinist perform to EDM and Hip Hop at your event in New York, New Jersey and beyond!! See why Jamie Foxx, Kanye West and even America’s Got Talent flew our talent to perform with them. To witness such an incredible talent recreate music and songs of today with the violin will take your event to the next level and no one will ever forget what they saw.

Greenery Wall Rentals

The latest trend in wedding décor for 2019! Our amazing green wall will make a statement at your next event! Order a custom monogram sign for a one of a kind look! 


Living Table

Living Tables are a magical yet functional way to present food, drinks, place cards, or party favors. The tables will entertain, create an exciting buzz and meet and greet your guests.

Dance on Clouds 

The first dance on clouds makes for a magical photo. It also helps for those that may not be the most amazing dancers. Whichever one it is, dance on clouds is a fan favorite. 

Indoor Pyrotechnics

The 2018 most popular add-on item, our indo0r-safe, smokeless, flameless, pyrotechnics are cool to the touch and simply amazing. M.E. was THE FIRST company in NJ to offer them and we are certified by the State of NJ to provide this effect. 

CO2 Canon Rentals

Jump on stage with your future spouse and blast away!! This makes for the most epic photo op and when that beat drops, LED foam sticks in the air and away we go!! 


Looking to spice up your special event? Add a percussionist! Live percussionists create a unique and exciting experience for you and your guests. Combining live music and our talented DJs will be a positive enhancement to your wedding or event!

liberty house nj up lighting

Uplighting Rentals 

Lighting can completely change your wedding venue…that’s why so many venues are installing them!! Change the color of your room and when it’s time to dance, our lighting will change to the beat of the music and make the perfect atmosphere for dancing. 


Mind-blowing and jaw-dropping tricks that will amaze your guests. Packed with thrilling and sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions. Bring your event to the next level!

Custom Monograms

Anything you’d like designed, in a beautiful light projected anywhere you want. Pretty awesome stuff.