Bouquets for a Nature Loving Bride

Bouquets for a Nature Loving Bride

Lots and lots of details go into wedding planning, obviously! But, what about the bouquets?

SUPER LUSH: Classy does not have to be the perfectly round bouquet anymore. Go SUPER lush to create the classy feel that nature offers. super-lush-bouquert

ALL WHITE: It’s simple with the sophisticated edge. All white bouquets with textural greenery create a expensive look. We are adoring the attention this pretty MODERN meets RUSTIC CLASSY. It’s a collision of wonderful, don’t you think? All-white-classy-bouquet

FLUFFY: Creating a natural element is all about featuring the SOFT elements with textural elements in your bouquets. Take this stunner as your shining example. soft-pink-bouquet1

TIE IT UP WITH A BOW Dress those pretty flowers up with some ribbons and bows. Bouquets tend to become even more beautiful when you add flowing elements. This bouquet features greens such as silver dollar eucalyptus and plumosus fern to tie in the natural element with the classy feel. It’s all in the details after all! bouquet-with-ribbon

RICH COLORS: Do it, we dare you! This insanely rich colored bouquet in the most gorgeous lakeside wedding. SWOONING…. are you?RICH-PLUM-BOUQUET


Need inspiration? Take a look here!

Need flower and bouquet inspiration? Take a look here!

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