Are you a FULL time Wedding DJ?

Are you a FULL time Wedding DJ?

One of the most common question that our company fields during a meeting  is “do you do this full time?” or “is this all you do?”.

Well those are two totally different questions. As per the first  YES this is our full time job which means that this our career. We dedicate a majority of each day to the office. We start and end EVERY day with Wedding related tasks. Whether this may be answering client emails and phone calls or making montages and preparing  music selections, yes THIS IS OUR FULL TIME CAREERS. There is an old saying that goes “if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life.  I am a testament to how true that statement really is. It’s almost funny and unbelievable to sit back sometimes and take in how amazing of a “work” life that we have. Where else can you  experience and be such an intricate part of  the biggest and most memorable days of someone’s life  each and every weekend.  As per the second question. No it is not all we do. It’s hard to believe between the four companies we own, manage and run the hundreds of clients we are blessed to have, we still find whatever time we do have left to be ourselves. Whether that means hitting the golf course, putting together a mix tape or simply enjoying the company of our friends and family, we still manage to get away. This is the exact reason that we are so excited to get up and take on whatever tasks the work day hands us.

My name is Frank Tadros and I am proud to say that YES! I AM A FULL TIME WEDDING ENTERTAINER!

Frank Tados

Mystical Entertainment, LLC

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