Annual List of Good, Bad and Just Plain Weird Dates for Your Wedding: 2015

Annual List of Good, Bad and Just Plain Weird Dates for Your Wedding: 2015

Are you getting married in 2015? If you’re still trying to choose a date, here’s a look at the calendar throughout the year, so you can figure out if certain times are better than others. Choosing a wedding date is a fairly personal process, but there are some dates that you might want to steer clear of.


Groundhog Day, February 2: Unless you and your betrothed are huge, huge fans of the movie with the same name, this date would be just weird. But your wedding song would have to be “I Got You Babe,” which isn’t entirely horrible as cute couples songs go.

Valentine’s Day, February 14: Valentine’s Day is a popular day for weddings. On the plus side, February 14th in 2015 is on a Saturday. But your guests may have other plans for their Valentine’s Day celebrations, so this one is on the fence.


Presidents’ Day, February 16: Did you meet while you were both working on the White House staff? Probably not, so, no. And it’s on a Monday–a tough time for people to break away to attend a wedding.

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17: Kind of cute, if you’re both Irish, but it’s on a Tuesday this year, so not an ideal day for a wedding. If you must pick this date, resist the temptation to put the bridesmaids in emerald green dresses.



April Fool’s Day, April 1: Not a good idea, as people won’t know if their invitations are real or a trick.

Easter Weekend, April 3-5: This is a bad weekend for weddings, as churches will be booked for the religious holiday, and guests are likely to have other plans.

Mothers’ Day, May 10: If your mom is really itching for you to tie the knot, a Mothers’ Day wedding could be, like, the greatest gift ever. But your guests will probably want to spend that weekend with their moms, so you might have trouble with RSVPs.

Memorial Day, May 25: Memorial Day itself is not a great day to get married, it being a Monday, but the weekend could go either way. If guests have to travel, it’s nice to have the three-day weekend. But they may prefer to have the holiday to relax and stay at home to barbecue and kick off the summer.


Start of Ramadan, June 18: If you, your important guests or members of your wedding party are devout Muslims, the next month will mean fasting from sunup until sundown.

Fathers’ Day, June 20: While it’s sweet to think of your dad walking you down the aisle on Fathers’ Day, like Mothers’ Day, it’s a holiday weekend that many guests will want to spend with their own families, so it goes in the “bad” category.

This is getting into traditional high wedding season. On the plus side is nicer weather and school graduations done with. But it gets harder to book venues, bands and caterers until Labor Day. Plan as far ahead as you can.

Independence Day, July 4: The 4th is on a Saturday this year–a popular day of the week for weddings but one to probably avoid on this date. On the upside, if you do choose this date, you won’t have to pay for fireworks.



Labor Day, September 7: This is a Monday holiday, which means it’s a three-day weekend and another wedding date that could go either way.

Halloween, October 31: This is a Saturday in 2015, but still a bit weird for a wedding. And no wedding party ever looked good in orange and black.


Thanksgiving, November 26: While Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, the next three days are probably not a good choice for a wedding, between family obligations and shopping.

Winter Again

Hanukkah, December 7: This is the first night of Hanukkah, with eight days to follow. Both Hanukkah and Purim are considered acceptable periods during which to marry, and this year, Hanukkah is early enough that it won’t interfere with Christmas.

Christmas Eve, December 24: Many people find this to be a romantic night to get married, although it can be nearly impossible to find a church, so the ceremony will likely have to be held elsewhere. You’re still competing with your guests’ family obligations, so send those save the date notices early, early, early. December 24th is a Thursday this year.

Christmas, December 25: Unless you’re willing to have a ceremony with just the two of you in Vegas, probably a no.


New Year’s Eve, December 31: This could actually be a fun date to hold a wedding. People are already thinking about getting dressed up and going out on that night anyway. But make sure you book your venue well in advance, as many places book up to ring in the new year.

New Year’s Day, January 1: It sounds nice to start the year and your marriage on the same day, but it’s probably not a great day for a wedding. Many people will be tired and hungover from the night before, plus you’re competing with all the bowl games.


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