Add a touch of heaven to your reception

Add a touch of heaven to your reception

Dancing on Clouds EffectBefore you opened this blog you probably said to yourself, “What the heck are these guys talking about!?” But it’s definitely an intriguing title don’t ya think?  So I want you to gaze off into a day dream and picture this. The lights are off and the spotlight hits the door…your emcee announces “And ladies and gentlemen, for the first time as husband and wife, let’s hear it for the new Mr. and Mrs. (insert name here)” All of the guests cheer as they watch you walk in with huge smiles on your faces. Now the uplighting around the room is changing colors and the introduction music lowers. A low lying fog begins to fill up the dance floor and the emcee announces the name of your first dance song. Now at this very moment, the moment you’ve dreamt of since you were a little girl is actually happening and you come out of your shock and open your eyes to first see the love of your life and next that you’re dancing on clouds and everyone is there to join you in your ecstasy. Tears of joy flow down your face because your wedding day is just how you pictured it would be.

Imagine that!?

Well there is no need to imagine it because this can be a reality. Thanks to all the movie producers and theatre set designers, this is all possible, and cost effective!! You can actually get this “dancing on clouds” effect with something called a dry ice machine. These machines are expensive compared to fog machines. Today, most catering halls have state of the art fire alarms and fog machines will just not cut it. Fog sets the smoke alarms off and that would be a disastrous first dance. With the dry-ice effect, dry ice is simply lowered into boiling hot water and out comes a billowing white cloud that stays low to the ground and contains carbon dioxide. This is the air we breathe out as humans and the result is one of the most beautiful first dances any of your guests have ever seen. No fire alarms, no chemicals, and better yet, no mortgage payment!!

After all, its about all the little things that put together a spectacular wedding. Something like this will definitely blow your guests away. Not many companies offer it in the tri-state area, but my guess, sooner or later everyone will.

Hope you enjoyed this article

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