7 Things to Remember before your Big Day

7 Things to Remember before your Big Day

Make Your Wedding Day Memorable and Stress-Free: 7 Things To Remember Before Your Wedding Day

It’s almost time for the big day! Your wedding has been in the work for ages, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some important tasks to take care of as the day creeps closer on your calendar.

1. Your must-have bridal emergency kit

Little things can go wrong on the most perfect days. No matter how much planning you’ve done, small mishaps can happen to anyone. Stash a small bag of hairspray, bobby pins, combs, breath mints, safety pins, and makeup extras just in case.

2. Comfy shoes to switch into

Yes, your heels are absolutely gorgeous, but you’ll tire of them after a few hours. Bring along some comfortable flats so you can greet everyone with a smile on your face. There’s dancing to do!

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3. Eat

Even if you’re incredibly busy on your wedding day, take the time to sit down and eat a nutritious meal. Before the wedding activities begin, indulge in a good breakfast that carries you throughout the day. Don’t forget to eat at your own reception!

4. Give out amazing directions

The last thing you want to deal with is telling guests how to get to the wedding. Make sure everyone has a detailed map with explicit instructions. List the directions step by step and point out landmarks to make your destination clear.

5. Think of the children

Did you invite the whole family? If so, take some time to decide how to keep the kids happy. You can set up a kids table and put out coloring books, puzzles, crayons, and paper that they’ll enjoy playing with. Make sure your caterer offers kid-friendly food, too.

6. Don’t forget to feed the vendors

When it’s time to eat, you’ll be ready. However, the vendors who are helping you to make your day amazing want to eat, too! Before you give your final number to the caterer, include the number of vendors you have at the reception.

7. Get the final payments in order

Make sure every payment has been completed to cover the expense of your caterers and vendors. Don’t forget to include envelopes on the big day, too!

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