5 tips to ensure your New Years Eve wedding is a success!

5 tips to ensure your New Years Eve wedding is a success!

Getting married on New Years is a great idea! You have the honor and very rare opportunity to celebrate your marriage and the biggest party of the year, at the same time. Some people spend the New Year partying it up with friends while others celebrate with family and loved ones. Having your wedding on New Years will ensure all of these people can celebrate together! Celebrating both of these joyous occasions at the same time takes some careful planning; this is not your “run of the mill” wedding. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.


  1. Timing is everything! A New Years Eve wedding does not fall under the same nuances as a normal wedding. Booking your catering hall and or entertainment from 6-10 or 7-11 will not bode well. You need to ensure your reception continues through the ball drop and beyond. For New Years Eve weddings, our wedding planners recommend a 9-1 time slot or 8-1 if you are having a five hour affair. This will ensure that your guests can ring in the new year, together, and still have plenty of time to dance the night away after.Timing-is-everything
  2. It is not a NYE party it is still a wedding. While planning a New Years wedding it is very easy to get wrapped up in the noisemaker, hat wearing, champagne sipping ambiance that is New Years Eve. If this is the vibe that you want then by all means, enjoy! Our wedding planners recommend having all formalities prior to the ball drop. Cake cutting, parent dances, and any important speeches should happen before midnight. Let us not forget that this is still a classy, beautiful celebration of love. After the ball drops you can hand out all the “2015” props you’d like and dance the night away!il_fullxfull.661380624_5for
  3. Live “Ball Drop” at midnight? Speak to your entertainment or catering hall about having the “NYE Ball Drop” simulcast live at midnight! It would add a nice touch to the festivities. Mystical Entertainment can provide our amazing TV Package add on to your New Years wedding that will allow you and your guests to enjoy the Times Square festivities with ease!nyc
  4. Budget accordingly. Having any event, much less a wedding, on New Years Eve can be an expensive proposition. Catering venues, photographers, DJ’s, and nearly all other vendors will be charging a premium on New Years Eve. Per plate costs go up, vendor rates go up, and it can all add up quickly! If you are working on a budget, you need to identify your must haves vs. your wants to ensure you stay on budget, while still getting everything you want. Speak to the experts at Mystical Entertainment; our wedding packages can be bundled together with our other great services to make sure you get everything you want out of your wedding entertainment without breaking the bank!budgetcalculator
  5. Plan ahead! If you decide to have a New Years Eve wedding, start your planning as early as possible. Prime dates like 12/31 book nearly years in advance and they book fast. Limousines, catering halls, entertainment, and all other wedding vendors have these dates already locked in early in the year. If you have your heart set on a specific entertainment company or location, get the contract signed ASAP! Also make sure you plan accordingly for the day of. Depending on location your entire wedding day can be subject to the traffic and overall madness that come with such a huge holiday! Make sure travel arrangements are done weeks in advance and even book your transportation services a few hours ahead of schedule to ensure everything is on time.calendar-future


Hopefully these tips will help you put together the wedding of your dream! If you want to speak to an expert, simple give us a call. Enjoy your 2015!

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