5 New Years resolutions that will take your marriage from good to awesome!

5 New Years resolutions that will take your marriage from good to awesome!

One thing nearly everyone has in common when it come to the New Year is the New Years resolution. Whether you make new ones, try to adhere to last years this time around, or just want to make a change, these resolutions are always about us, the individual. What about couples, as a unit? Why don’t they make couples resolutions? Well, some people do! Here are a few recommended New Years resolutions for couples!


Honesty is the best policy! Being open and honest with your spouse creates a stronger relationship. Make an effort to talk through issues in a constructive manner, face to face. This will help minimize conflict and ensure everyone’s wants and needs are accounted for.



Teamwork! Work together to achieve goals and solve problems. It is very easy to play the blame game when problems arise. Don’t focus on the rights and wrongs; focus on solving the issue, together.



Keep in contact! Daily stresses, long workdays, and chores can create a disconnect between couples. Make sure both make a conscious effort to keep the connection throughout, no matter what arises. Feeling disconnected can lead to problems.


Don’t take things too seriously. Have a sense of humor, a sense of fun. Taking yourself or your partner too seriously can create unnecessary arguments and bickering. Keep things fun, every problem is not the end of the world.


Focus on the good. Focus your attention on what makes you feel good about yourself and your partner.  Call on those good memories should problems arise.


Although relationship advice is not our forte here at Mystical Entertainment, we wanted to give you something positive and different to lead you into the New Year. Now if you want advice on how to have the wedding of your dreams, give us a call!

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