2017 Makeup Trends

2017 Makeup Trends

2017 Makeup Trends

2017 Makeup Trends

1. Natural makeup

This new trend is perfect for women who do not like to

wear much makeup or for a new look that may not have been tried before. Being

natural on your special day will show off your glowing skin and flushed cheeks.

Make sure your skin is well cleaned and moisturized. To hide skin blemishes, a

light foundation will look great and natural.


2. Strong Brows

Strong Brows

Finally making a comeback! New York Bridal Fashion

week had designers show off this striking trend for bridal looks. Apply a powder

after filling in your brows to get a bold thick shape that you like. It will enhance

your make-up and will show off your eyes. Your groom will be drooling over

how gorgeous your eyes will stand out.

3. Pearly Shimmer

Pearly Shimmer

An intriguing look that has been frequently used this

season and many are using a pearly highlighter stick on the cheekbones. It can

also be used below your eyebrows and in the inner corner of your eye. This makes

your face pop and will add a shimmery glowing touch to your face.

4. Bold Lip Color

Bold Lip Color

If you’re not aiming for a natural look, another big trend is

having bold lips to create a dramatic look. Red lips are popular, but there are

some rules to follow such as using a lip stain so that it is less likely to rub off

during your day. Also, to make your teeth look extra white, find a lip stain with a


5. Lashes


A constant trend for brides is having long eyelashes. If you aren’t a

huge fan of applying fake ones, “better than sex” mascara by: Too Faced, has a

affordable cost of $23.00 and works wonders on your lashes. If you are looking to

make your eyelashes standout with a thicker look, eyelash extensions are

gorgeous and there are many places that offer this service and having eyelash

extensions you won’t have to worry about applying any mascara on your lashes.

Your lashes will look amazing 24/7. You can also buy lashes that glue on, if you

find a specific look that you want! Lashes will enhance your eye color and can

give you that eye-popping look that will make all heads turn your way.

6. Subtle smoke

Subtle Smoke

Add a smokey eye for a mysterious look at your wedding.

Starting from your lashes to your crease, blend a dark shade. Next, along your

lower lashes, drag the shadow with a small brush that is angled. Lightly blend

everything together with a Q-tip or small brush so that there are no harsh lines.

7. Rosy cheeks

Rosy Cheeks

First, apply your foundation and then you may begin applying

blush very carefully. The bigger the brush, the more natural it will look. Along the

cheekbone, use the brush to place the makeup on your cheeks for this shimmery

rose-pink glow. Brush upward towards the temple to blend the color out that will

give you that natural rosy cheek look.

8. All That Glitter is Gold

all that glitter is gold

Yes; glitter is back and better than ever. Have fun

with it and scatter it where you want your face to pop. Try placing it across your

bottom lash line and if some scatter elsewhere, let it. The less precise it was

placed, the trendier it will look.


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